Daemonum X

Dae-mon-um X is a white, cis woman, femme, dyke, and Dominant living in Lenapehoking (Brooklyn, NY). She came to polyamory through the intersection of anarchism and consent practices and has helped countless people navigate through the process of unlearning monogamy and romance culture. Daemonum X is invested in evangelizing ethical non-monogamous and/or power exchange relationships through an anti-oppression lens.

Coming from a kink and leatherdyke background, she built a social media platform by photo-documenting and educating on queer issues, BDSM, and polyamory. She noticed a hunger for queer people to have dyke-specific education and representation in kink. She then created Fist, the leatherdyke anthology zine, in 2017 to document the lifestyle that was so often getting censored from online spaces. Again, seeing a need for positive resources on more radical polyamory practices written by queer people, she wrote Linked, a polyamory zine, in 2019. Both Linked and Fist zines have sold thousands of copies, have been taught in college sexuality classes, and have been included in numerous resource and reference lists.

Intimate relationships are revolutionary sites for healing, learning, and growth. Most of us weren’t taught healthy ways to have any relationships, let alone to engage ethically in non-monogamy or power exchange. Daemonum X takes a unique approach to coaching clients by combining skills and philosophies borrowed from Leather, anarchist principles, and radical queer politics to help people build the skills to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships. She works with individuals and couples to assess their goals and empowers them to live authentically and with intention.

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Please send all inquiries to: connect@daemonumx.com