Polyamory Coaching

Whether you are single or partnered, just starting out or with years of experience - it’s always the right time to invest in your growth. Polyamory coaching is different from therapy in that there is a mix of education, goal imagining, and guidance through developing vital communication skills, boundary setting, and self-accountability. Clients benefit from direct access to a coach with years of experience in navigating successful polyamorous relationships. Daemonum X is known for working collaboratively with clients to assess current problems, both individually and in relationships, and then mapping out steps and resources to steer them towards resolution.

Polyamory and non-monogamy are just like any other relationship structure in that they require work to maintain. While polyamory is becoming more mainstream, it’s still extremely misunderstood and stigmatized in many ways. Personal challenges arise when we participate in relationships that are non-normative and we have no point of reference and little/no support from friends or family who may not understand our lifestyle choices. Whether you are just polyamorous, or are also queer and/or kinky, all of this can be a lot to manage on your own. A polyamory coach can help you feel less isolated, affirm your lifestyle, and help you create the healthy relationships of your dreams.

You’re a great candidate for polyamory coaching with Daemonum X if:

  • You are new to non-monogamy, feel overwhelmed, and need support getting started

  • You feel unfulfilled in your relationships and need help living more authentically

  • You find it difficult to assess your needs and set and/or keep boundaries

  • You have a specific relationship issue and need an experienced resource to give you advice

  • You’re unsure if non-monogamy is right for you and want support in weighing your options

  • You’re facing a difficult decision or a crossroads in your relationship

  • Your social circle is not understanding of polyamory and you need to find support elsewhere

  • You’ve had a bad experience with polyamory in the past and you’re ready to try again

  • You genuinely want honest feedback and help becoming a better partner

Pricing + Packages:

Consultation: Book a free 20 minute phone consultation to find out if Daemonum X is the right coach for you

General Advice: One-off sessions where the client seeks very specific advice (via phone, Facetime, Zoom, and texting available upon request). Sliding scale $75-$150 / hour for individuals, $150-$225 / hour for couples.

Polyamory Boot Camp: Book a six week course tailored to your unique needs that will feature self-work on boundaries, ethics, and self-accountability. This is a time commitment of a one hour virtual session per week with worksheets and journal prompts in between. You will receive unlimited access to text your coach with questions throughout the duration of the course. $650 for individuals, $1,000 for couples.